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SHOPPING2 Shoppingand I don’t exactly go hand in hand. I view it as a necessary evil. When I wake up on shopping days I’m in a state of high alert for several reasons. To me, shopping is a thing that should be got into, get done and get out as quickly as possible. It rarely works  out that way for many reasons.

Luckily I don’t need a list and that’s the only upside.

I often forget where things are so ask assistants and sometimes total strangers where things are. Then sometimes I’ll find something in my grocery bag that I have no idea what I bought it for; a passionfruit or a single tomato. Go figure. 

Occasionally I purposely wear my prescription sunglasses to avoid eye contact with ‘casual’ acquaintances who are into small-talk. I’m not much one for small-talk. This move also sometimes proves handy as some slow people will move out of their way for me thinking that I’m severely visually impaired.

Finallythe checkout. I always seem to get stuck behind people who insist on rifling through their pockets for exact change or ‘bonus cards,’ where they inevitably drop something. Being the type of person that I am I feel compelled to help them.

This is my shopping dilemma. I’m  sure some of you can relate.

Until next time, stay safe and happy. 🙂