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This entry may sound a bit “me, me, me” but it is  purely to  set the scene so that you know where I’m coming from and who is actually writing to you.

I live in a two bedroom unit on a small dead end road. This may sound bleak but it is far from bleak.

I am close to my children, my family, friends and local amenities. I also have a greatIn My Humble Abode 2015viewand good neighbours. One neighbour, Tony, (not his real name) is always good for a chat. Always upbeat and has a great sense of humour. I like that in people. 

Most mornings I visit my parents where we solve all domestic and global problems. I still enjoy memories of my childhood and of their childhood in Scotland. We emigrated to Tasmania from Scotland in 1979. 

I spend my time in a variety of ways. My children visit and stay frequently. This always excites me but I still get a bit flat when they go back to their Mums. I guess  this is natural.

Recording my own music is my main interest. I do this in fits and starts. Messing about on the internet is another interest of mine. I find it much more informative and entertaining than television. I particularly enjoy Skype. For anyone who’s interested, my Skype name is: auchinock. The concept of Skype still blows me away.

Well folks, this is my situation in a nutshell. I look forward to updating you (not too frequently) on how things are in my world here in Tasmania and do feel free sign up to my blog and leave  a comment

Until then stay happy and safe. :